About your breeder

Well, let’s see. First, I have had poodles in my life since I was 1 year old.  That picture below is me holding my very first poodle pup – a brown oversized toy named Cocoa.  I have adored the breed ever since. I’ve had many different breeds sharing my life, but I have always had at least one poodle among them. Fair to say that they are my favorite breed of them all. I love everything about them: incredibly bright, sensitive yet not worried, confident, silly, playful, will always make you laugh, affectionate and loyal, have a sixth sense when something is wrong and are right there with you, and an almost human way of connecting with you. I’ve had all sizes: many toys, a couple of minis, a standard, and of course, moyen-sized poodles. While I have adored them all, I really do Breeder as baby with poodle puplove the moyen-size best. It’s the best of all worlds, I feel. Not a tiny dog that you need to be really careful with, but not such a big dog that you can’t pick them up if you really needed to. They fit pretty much everywhere, too.  😉

I’ve been a professional dog trainer for nearly 30 years. I trained housemanners and obedience for a lot of those years, followed by some years of training assistance dogs for physically disabled individuals. I took a bit of time off shortly after I had my son, and then I returned to training teaching manners, obedience, CGC (Canine Good Citizen) preparation and testing, therapy dog training, nose work, agility, trick training, and more. I teach group classes, give in-home private lessons, and do day training.  I’ve been teaching people how to properly and successfully raise their puppies for a long time; so you have a great resource with me. My pups are raised carefully, with an eye toward training, socialization, calmness, and responsiveness.  The puppies are handled from birth,  handled often, and raised in the house under-foot. This creates a pup who craves human affection and attention, is completely used to being handled, and is, so importantly, confident.

Like any other good breeder, I’m super careful about what dogs are bred. Potential parents must be fully health-checked for (and clear of) any issues known in the breed, be fully healthy in all other ways, and be super sound temperamentally. If the dam and sire (mom and dad) are not dogs I myself would want to live with, they aren’t bred. Simple as that. 🙂