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Below, please tell me how to get in touch with you. Please be sure the info you type is correct and please make sure you’ve included an area code. Thanks!

Before contacting me, please read the below!
  • Please check the FAQ page and the Litters page for answers to commonly asked questions like “Where are you located” and “Do you have puppies available now”.
  • Please know that I VERY rarely have puppies available who are ready to go right now because I work by wait list only and my pups have homes lined up well before they are born.
  • I am NOT located in California! (I get lots of messages from CA folks who think I am.) I am in NY.
  • If you are interested in a puppy and can wait through my wait lists, please read The Process page and fill out the New Puppy Questionnaire.
  • Please do not send a message just saying you are interested in a pup. First step is to fill out the New Puppy Questionnaire!
  • Thanks!


I very rarely have puppies available quickly. My wait lists are generally full up to 18 months or more in advance. So if you’re only looking for a puppy sort of now, I am likely not the breeder for you. 🙂

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PLEASE NOTE: If for some reason you are having trouble using the form above, you can email me directly. Please include your name, email address, phone, best time to call you, latest time I can call you, your city/state, and your message. To combat the huge amounts of spam that come from email addresses appearing on these pages, it is not linked. Just remove any spaces and underlines and change the word “at” to an @ sign, and the word “dot” to an actual dot. Reach me here: pups at magentabaypoodles dot_com.