Some of the dads you see here live with me and are MUCH loved members of my family – they are adored pets first and foremost, not “breeders.”  They live closely with me, act as my class demo dogs, work as therapy dogs, sleep in my bed with me every night, and in general make my life a whole lot better just by being here.  ♥  Others are dogs owned by and living with fellow poodle breeders and are picked carefully for not only health and what they can add to my program in regard to physical traits, but also picked by temperament.  I will not breed to a dog I’d not want to live with!

If the dog’s name below is underlined, that means you can click on it to go to their own page. You can read a LOT more about the dog on his own page with lots more photos and details.


Our very own sweetheart!  Dakota is a cream and white moyen sized parti poodle.  He is 30 pounds and 19.5 inches to the withers (shoulders). He has a wonderful temperament:  confident, afraid of nothing, sweet, mushy, calm, super affectionate, and loves everyone he meets.  Non-stop tail wagger who passes his incredible temperament on really well to his babies.  🙂  Dakota lives here with us and shares our lives and hearts.

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Dakota is available at stud to approved girls from approved programs. Click here for more info.


Zeke is a gorgeous dark red and white parti poodle. He’s a small moyen at about 20 pounds and 18″. He is a sweetheart; he’s a major people-pleaser, perfect amount of “drive,” isn’t at all timid, and has no aggression over absolutely anything. All around doll. Zeke is owned by a follow breeder and lives in Tennessee. Photos first, then health test results.

Genetic testing – Full Embark panel clear (except one copy of low-normal ALT – does NOT affect health of puppies!). Poodle-specific issues shown clear below:

Hips/elbows: Results coming!


Blaze is a super sweet apricot moyen poodle. He is a small guy – just about 22 pounds and 18″ to the withers (floor to top of shoulders). He’s a happy, playful little love. (Favorite toy is his ball!)  He adores people and is super smart – learning new commands with ease. Loves getting praised for paying attention. 🙂  Great “off” switch – likes to sit with people and just sort of observe. Blaze is owned by a fellow breeder and lives in Connecticut. Photos first, then his health/genetic testing.

Genetic testing – all clear:

OFA hips:

OFA elbows:

OFA eyes:


Troy is a red moyen poodle. He’s a sweetheart – a real gentleman. He’s calm inside and lively out, and very agreeable and steady. He’s sweet and social. He’s about 28 pounds and 19 inches to the withers (floor to top of shoulders). Troy is owned by a fellow poodle breeder and lives in Connecticut.