Guardian Home Application

This is the application to become a Guardian Home for a breeding dog.   Before filling this out, please make sure you have already read the page of basic information about Guardian Homes. You can find that here.

You will find that this application is very similar to the Puppy Questionnaire.  If you filled that out previously, you do NOT have to fill this out too.  Just let me know (through email) that I have your puppy questionnaire and you’d like to be considered as a Guardian Home.

I expect to have only 1-2 dogs per year that need a Guardian Home.  If you’re interested, definitely send this application through and I’ll let you know through email that I received it.  I’ll give you an idea at that time when I expect I might have a pup. Nearer that time, we’ll have a long conversation on the phone all about the program etc.      Looking forward to speaking with you!

Please enter numbers ONLY - no spaces or symbols
Please enter numbers ONLY - no spaces or symbols
Above, describe the animals living in your home. Type (cat, dog, bird, etc), breed, age, and whether spayed/neutered.
Please let your vet know we will be calling and give him/her permission to speak with us.
This will NOT necessarily keep you off the Wait List! Be honest!
Again, be honest. There are often good reasons.
Above: If there are any days that all adults will not be home all day (for work or otherwise), how will you care for the puppy on those days?
Above: Which family member and how bad is the allergy? What happens around dogs?
Above, while more than one may apply, please choose the one that matches BEST.
Above, check all the things you are interested in possibly doing with your dog when he/she's old enough.