Guardian Homes

What is a Guardian Home?

In order to give my breeding dogs the very best quality of life possible, I feel it’s important to limit the number of dogs living in my home.  But, to continue to produce high-quality dogs with outstanding health and temperaments – the whole goal of my breeding program! – I need to be able to keep a new puppy when I feel he or she would add to my program, as well as add brand new bloodlines when I feel they are right.  But how to do this while limiting the number of dogs  living in my home?  The answer is Guardian Homes!  A Guardian Home allows me to have every one of my breeding dogs living as they should: as a cherished pet in a home – no kennels! And no – you never give the dog up! It’s not like raising for guide dog organizations – the dog lives with your family for LIFE.

How does it work?

As an approved Guardian Home, you are given a puppy for a minimal fee, and the dog lives with you and your family for his entire life. I retain breeding rights to that dog for a specified period of time, after which he is neutered and is yours forever with no further obligation to me! (Except to stay in touch and always send photos!)  Every single Guardian Home contract is unique, but here is the basic info:

Female dogs

Beginning in 2020, I no longer place females in Guardian homes. My girls really need to live with me 24/7 as part of my household and my life to have as little stress as possible when it comes time to deliver her pups. (Litters must be born and raised here.)  I want her to already be home at that point, not stressed because she’s away from home.

Male dogs

It’s difficult for breeders to have more than one intact male living in the same house sometimes, so Guardian Homes are utilized so we can have more than one stud in our breeding program. With males, I retain breeding rights for a set amount of time. Generally that would be until he’s about 5 years old, but again, every contract is unique.  With the boys, you are only required to make him available to me as needed for either natural breedings or for semen collection by a reproductive vet.  Once his breeding obligations have ended, he’s neutered and is fully yours to continue enjoying life with you and your family.


Guardian moms and dads are responsible for all regular health maintenance such as annual exams, vaccines, food, etc; basically everything that is not related to breeding.  I am responsible for all costs related to breeding, such as genetic testing, hip x-rays, etc.

You never need to concern yourself with breeding issues: I will make the decision when the dog will be bred, and to whom, and all litters are raised here in my home.

Guardian moms/dads will need to be sure their yard is completely escape-proof with at least a 6′ fence and that their dog is never left around intact females. Because of canine venereal diseases, males are ONLY allowed to mate with my approved females.

You must be willing and able to extensively socialize the pup, starting at an early age and continuing throughout his lifetime, so he does not have stranger anxiety or worries about new places/things/loud noises, and that he is comfortable, calm, and non-aggressive around children and dogs.

You must provide routine and/or emergency veterinary care when needed.

You must provide at least Basic Obedience training to your dog.  If you live close, your group class with me will be free.

You must live no more than a 2.5-hour drive from southern Orange County, NY.  (That’s most of CT, NJ, part of PA, and a whole lot of lower-mid NY.)  You also must own your home and have a securely fenced yard (minimum fence height of 6′) . You cannot have any other intact (un-spayed or un-neutered) dogs in your home.

So, is it for you?

I know it seems like there are a whole lot of details, but really it’s pretty straight-forward.  It’s a great opportunity for the right family to own a spectacular dog.  It’s designed, of course, to make sure our breeding dogs are super happy and well-cared for, but also to give the right family a really rewarding experience. Not only do you have a wonderful dog, but you also get to share in one of the best parts of breeding high-quality dogs.  You get to watch how your dog’s puppies develop and grow and see how they add to and enrich others’ lives.

And, you’re helping us continue to breed happy, healthy dogs out of kennels.  With their own families to love.  Those dogs in turn produce happy, healthy pups. Win/win!

If you’re interested in becoming a Guardian Home, please fill out the Guardian Home Application.