Health checks and guarantees


Health Checks on Breeding Dogs

Every Magenta Bay Poodles dog who is considered for breeding is first health tested (genetically and physically) to be sure they are clear of any of the issues known to be common in the breed.  For example, Charm was tested for degenerative myelopathy, GM2 gangliosidosis (poodle type), osteochondrodysplasia, PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), and Von Willebrand disease I.  They also have hips and elbows x-rayed to be sure they are sound orthopedically. Eyes and heart are checked as well.  You will find the results of each dog’s testing on her (or his) page. This pre-testing before deciding to breed is really, really important.  It gives you, the new owner, the best assurance you can possibly get that your puppy’s parents are clear of any worrisome issues in the breed.

Health of New Pups

All new pups will have had a least one parvo vaccine, a DAPPv combo vaccine, been de-wormed multiple times, and have been seen by a licensed veterinarian shortly before you pick them up.

Health Guarantee

While I can’t guarantee your pup will never have any health problem, I can do everything in my power to ensure that your pup is completely healthy when he heads home with you and that he has genes from parents clear of worrying issues.  While of course I hope that nothing ever goes wrong (!), some things are out of my control once you take the pup home. Things like nutrition, exercise, food, etc, so no guarantee will cover 100% of everything because of that.

However, of those things that are covered, I do not require (as too many breeders do) that you return the dog to me in the event of a congenital or hereditary issue. In those cases, you will have the option of returning the dog to me or keeping the dog and receiving a partial or full refund of purchase price of the pup (see details in contract) toward care.  I know I wouldn’t be able to return a dog I was in love with, so I wouldn’t expect you to, either. I try to be really fair in my contract; to do the things I’d want a breeder to do for me were the roles reversed. I have been in your shoes!

Below you can see my contract in full; what you’re agreeing to do, what I’m promising, and the health guarantee.

Click HERE to see the PDF of my Health & Purchase agreement.