Moms are MUCH loved members of the family – they are adored pets first and foremost, not “breeders.”  They live closely with me, act as my class demo dogs, work as therapy dogs, sleep in my bed with me every night, and in general make my life a whole lot better just by being here.  ♥
If they are in a Guardian home, they are first and foremost a much beloved pet getting all of their Guardian’s attention and love.

You can read a LOT more about each girl by clicking her name; that will take you to her very own page with lots more photos and details.


Charm is a moyen-sized black and white parti-poodle (29 pounds, 18.5 inches tall) who absolutely lives up her name. Click her name above to read all about her and see lots of photos.

Charm at one year old
The pretty girl at 1 year old.
Charm in full poodle cut
Such a lady. Once in a while I have her groomed in a more typical poodle cut like this.