Cafe au lait moyen parti poodle

Prairie is a cafe au lait and white moyen-sized parti poodle (parti just means she is more than one color!).  She is 25 pounds and about 18″ to the shoulder.  She is out of my own Charm and Dakota and was part of a truly spectacular litter.

She has an *amazing* temperament.  She adores people, is quite calm but playful, and has a wonderful off switch.  Nothing even remotely hyper about this sweet, sweet girl.  As a puppy, she was super easy in nearly every way.  She’s very bright and has the most wonderful eye contact!  Loves to just watch you, then smile and wag when you look at her. She inherited dad’s super waggy tail – so that goes pretty constantly too. She’s a lot affectionate, loves to lie up against you, or on you if you’ll let her! She, like her mom and dad, starting her therapy work early – she visited a long/short-term rehab facility for the first time at just about 4 months old.

Below are some photos of her – more always coming!  Note that she has a natural (undocked) tail – as all of her pups will (for more info and why, see the Tail Docking & Dewclaws page). Also, at the bottom are results of genetic/health testing.

Hover/touch each photo to read caption, and click to see it full size.

Prairie as a young pup!

Prairie starting her therapy dog work early!

Genetic Testing   (click Paw Print badge to view results)

Paw Print Pedigrees Dog Seal

(A note about “carrier” status in regard to the PRA test. In order for a dog to be affected with PRA, she must have TWO copies of the “mutant” gene. Dogs with one copy of the normal gene and one copy of the mutant gene are called “carriers” and can NOT get PRA, nor can they create puppies with PRA unless bred with another carrier.  So, a dog who is a carrier (one copy of the “mutant” gene and one copy of a normal one) bred to a dog with two normal genes will never produce a puppy with PRA. Canine geneticists actually encourage carriers to be bred to increase the dog gene pool.)

Here are a couple of things to read regarding the PRA test and carrier status.
–Breeding Carriers
–What is PRA (scroll to heading “Breeding from Carriers“)
–The PRA Test

Other Health Testing

OFA Hips: “Excellent”
OFA Elbows: “Normal”
OFA Eyes: CAER exam “Normal with breeder options”
OFA Cardiac (Basic): “Normal Cardiac Evaluation”
AKC/OFA CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) certificate available upon request as below!

Copies of OFA certificates are available upon those who have been accepted onto a Wait List.