The Process

Here’s how it all works!

1. If you’re interested in a pup, you first fill out the New Puppy Questionnaire. After I receive that, I’ll give you a call on the phone and we’ll talk further.

2. During our phone call, remember that a good breeder will ask you at least as many questions as you ask them, if not more.  I take great care in breeding quality, healthy dogs and producing quality, healthy pups with amazing temperaments. I have to be as sure as I can that they are going to amazing homes.  Since I am responsible for bringing these little beings into the world, I will do all I have to in order to make sure that they have wonderful lives.  So bear with me and know that all my questioning is for the good of the pup.

3. In our phone call, I’ll also be asking lots of questions about your family and what you want personality-wise as well as your preferences as to color and gender.

4. If all goes well, I’ll place you on the Wait/Reservation List for the next available litter.

5. Generally, if you’re being placed on the Reservation list before a pregnancy is confirmed, a $250 deposit is required when the mom comes into heat. (That is FULLY REFUNDABLE should the female not get pregnant! It is not refundable for any other reason.)  Once pregnancy is confirmed, an addition $250 deposit is required. If you’re being placed on the Reservation List after pregnancy is confirmed, a $500 deposit is required.  Deposits, of course, go to the price of your puppy and are non-refundable unless the female doesn’t get pregnant or she has had fewer pups than names on the Reservation List or there is no good personality match in this particular litter for you.)  In any of those cases, I will either refund your deposit in full or move it to the next breeding that has availability – your choice.

6. IMPORTANT! Please know that I, unlike so many breeders, do NOT send out litter pictures and let you choose a puppy based on looks.  Nor do I have you come when they are a certain age and “pick” your puppy. I’ve been a dog trainer for a long time and, aside from genuine innate behavioral issues, the worst and most painful problems I’ve seen people go through with their dogs are when the dog’s personality is a major mismatch with the family’s needs. You canNOT appropriately choose a puppy based on looks. Far more important is which puppy has the personality that will fit seamlessly with your family’s.  While all pups in the litter are temperamentally sound, they all have individual personalities – some of which may not be right for you and your family.  You also cannot choose a puppy based on the personality you see when visiting for an hour. So when the pups are old enough (about 7.5 weeks), I’ll be matching them with folks on the Reservation List based on temperament.  Remember, I’ve lived with the pups their entire lives and will know their temperaments super well.  But do know that your wish list for gender and color etc will absolutely be taken into account! First, I match temperaments, then of those that are good matches for you, I’ll further match based on what you want. (See #7 for more detail about this!)

7. At about 7.5 weeks of age, I’ll be matching each puppy with a Reservation List family based on the pup’s temperament and suitability to meet the family’s needs. I strongly encourage you to be open-minded about color, pattern, and gender, but if you, for example, only want a male, I’ll be matching your needs to the personalities of my available males. The narrower my choices (meaning, if you say ONLY a male, ONLY black and white parti-colored, etc), the more likely it is that I may not have a personality match in this litter.  I will absolutely take your preferences into consideration and try to find the right personality match who also has your preferred gender/color/etc! But I do encourage you to stay open to that puppy who may not be your perfect color or gender but who is the perfect match for you and your family.
Generally, please do know that there are no “choices” to be made; it’s usually pretty clear to me who fits best with whom! So far, my matchmaking seems to be going well; from the feedback and reviews I receive, people really do feel like they have the “perfect” match for them. I’m proud of that!  🙂

8. From birth until they go home, everyone on the wait list will get at LEAST weekly photo and video updates so you can see them grow! Past families will tell you that it’s usually more like daily.  I want you to be part of their growing up!

9. At 8-9 weeks, you will come and pick your puppy up!

11Week old parti moyen poodle