New puppy questionnaire

As a breeder, my goal is to place each of my puppies into his or her “forever” home; into an amazing home where each puppy will have what they need and more. This long questionnaire is the very beginning of my attempts to find those homes.

This questionnaire is NOT how I match puppy to home.  This questionnaire is just my inital attempt to find the very best homes for my babies. How my matching is done is explained in more detail on The Process page and will be explained in detail in our first phone call.

The answers you provide in this questionnaire are a vital first step in assisting me in figuring out if you and I are a good match to work together.  There are no right or wrong answers! The questionnaire is long and some of the questions may seem personal; however, honesty and openness is very important— it’s the only way we can begin the process of finding your puppy. So do be honest. Remember, I’m trusting you for the lifetime of one of my babies.   🙂

Make sure all fields with an asterisk (*) are filled in, then click Submit. You will get a notice at the top of the screen that says the form was successfully sent. If you don’t, please review to be sure all fields are completed and Submit again. (I strongly suggest copying the entire filled-out form BEFORE submitting so if it’s lost, you can simply paste it into an email to me.) If you do not hear back from me within a week, please get in touch. There have been times the form never got delivered to me!  You can email me at pups at magentabaypoodles dot com.

Thank you so much for your time!!


I very rarely have puppies available quickly. My wait lists are generally full up to 18 months or more in advance. So if you’re only looking for a puppy sort of right now, I am likely not the breeder for you. 🙂